Prior to 1948, there were no organized Baptist Churches in Redwood City. Many people who lived here were members of other existing churches on the Peninsula. In 1948 a few Christians, most notably Deacon Ernest Grays, Sister Rosie Grays and Sister C.L. McClain, saw the need and possibility of organizing a church for their immediate community.

The church was organized in the home of Rev. C.L. McClain under the suggested name, True Light Missionary Baptist Church. After the organization, the Rev. C.L. McClain was called and ordained to pastor the church. The church served the community of Redwood City, being only one of its kids unti lthe division in 1949. The division resulted in the organization of the Community Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor O.W. Baker.

In 1953, the two churches sense the need of combined strength and began to discuss merging the congregations. On August 18, 1953, this plan became reality. The True Light Baptist Church and the Community Baptist Church merged and became the Greater True Light Baptist Church. Both churches were without a pastor at the time and after a period of about thirty days, the Rev. Sydell Peterson was called to lead this new congregation. Deacon Horace Fowler offered the name Mount Zion Baptist Church which was accepted by the church membership approximately six months after the merge.

With a new name, the church began flourishing and taking on new life. Many souls were won to Christ and certain improvements were made upon the physical plant of the church; a social hall and additional properties were purchased.

In May 1958, the Rev. Clifford L. Martin was called to pastor the church. He accepted the call and took charge on June 15, 1958. The church made rapid progress in all phases of their ministry and maintained a spirit of unity under the leadership of Rev. Martin. Musical instruments were cleared of debt, both the first and second mortgages were paid on the one of the church's properties making it debt free, and addtional property was purchased giving Mt. Zion the entire block from Madrone St. to Linden St. on Hemlock Ave.

In 1965, Rev. P.E. Lott was called to pastor. He served three years before choosing to return to his home state to retire. In 1968, Rev. Royce D. Cornelius was called to pastor Mt. Zion. During his administration, the Mt. Zion membershp completed the tasks which resulted in the building of our current sanctuary. In 1971 Rev. J.S. McClain was called as pastor and served approximately five years.

In 1977, Rev. Fred was called to pastor and continues to serve today. He has shifted the church emphasis from the physical building  to the temple of the Holy Spirit. Without the burden of structural needs, he has been able to focus on the development of teaching phases and seminars within Mt Zion, serving to encourage and strengthen the memberhsip.

Under Pastor Campbell's administration the staff ministry concept has become a reality. Ministries such as family, youth, evangelism, worship, couples, children and education have been important areas of focus and growth.

In the steps of our predecessors, Mt. Zion continues to take steps in the improvement, stewardshp and growth of our physical church building and properties. A parsonage, educational annex and administrative office have been purchased. In 2005 Mt. Zion added a Multimedia Room to its existing building and provided a "face-lift" with new windows and doors. 

The Bible: We believe and teach that the Bible is the inspired word of God.

God: We believe and teach that there is only one true God in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Creation: We believe and teach that all existence has its origin in God.

Man: We believe and teach that man was created by God in His image

Salvation: We believe and teach that salvation has to do with cosmic redemption of which man is crucial.

Election: We believe and teach that election and predestination is the purpose of God in Christ.

The Church: We believe and teach that the New Testament stresses the significance of the local congregation.

Baptism and the Lord's Supper: We believe and teach that baptism is significant in the Christian experience. It is symbolic of the gospel and the believers experience in salvation.

The Lord's Day: We believe and teach that the sabbath day is Saturday which commemorates the completion of creation and was set apart as a day of rest for man's sake.

The Kingdom: We believe and teach that we are not to make any distinction between the term "kingdom of God and kingdom of heaven". The both refer to the rule and reign of God.

Last Things: We believe and teach that Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly to the earth in His glory.

Evangelism and Missions: We believe and teach that the primary task of the church is to evangelize.

Education: We believe and teach that the goal of Christian Education is to aid in developing the Jesus nature implanted by the Holy Spirit in every believer.

Stewardship: We believe and teach that stewardship is the Christian response to the Lordship of Christ.

Spiritual Gifts: We believe and teach that spiritual gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as He desires, to every believer.

Cooperation with Christian Bodies: We beleive and teach that we are to fellowship and cooperate with Christian bodies that believe and teach the same basic doctrines of the Bible.

Church and State: We believe and teach that the church is to be in the world, but not part of the sinful system of the world.

Pastor Fred Campbell has served as Mt. Zion's pastor over 38 years, being one of the longest tenured pastors in the San Francisco Bay Area. His innovative and proven leadership has left an indelible mark leading people towards spiritual maturity. Over the span of his gospel ministry he's been a champion for discipleship, faith at home, education, empowering men and more. Members enjoy his biblically sound preaching/teaching, humor and personable demeanor. He is currently leading Mt. Zion in pursuing the win, where each member grows in relationship with Jesus and into maturity in the Body of Christ.
Pastor Campbell is one of our nation's trailblazing leaders serving in various capacities throughout his ministry.  He's served in the California State Baptist Convention, Inc.  in various leadership positions including  Financial Secretary, Director of Christian Education and Congress of Christian Education President.  In 2002, under the mantra of Building Health Churches,  he became President  of the California State Baptist Convention guiding it in becoming a becoming a viable resource to local churches. Borne out his service to our state convention Pastor Campbell is also a leader in the National Baptist Convention, Inc. . He served under the Shaw administration as Historian, at-large board member under the Scruggs administration and Chairman of the Board under the current Young Administration.
Pastor Campbell has a deep passion for pastors, minister's and their wives and provides wise counsel and support to pastors throughout the nation. In 2001 he and his wife Joyce founded Shepherd's Tent Ministries, a ministry that supports Pastors, Minister's and their wives. This ministry now hosts the Word Conference, one of the premier conferences on the West Coast promoting biblical education and literacy.
He is a graduate of California Baptist University  in Riverside, California and Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mill Valley, CA.
Pastor Campbell was married to Joyce Elane Campbell over 49 years before her passing in 2011. He has six children and five grandchildren.