Intercessory Prayer Ministry
Our mission is to encourage total submission and dependency on God, through prayer, to carry out his will in earth as it is in heaven. We encourage the people of God to diligently seek His guidance for their lives. We honor the house of God and be intentional to obey Jesus’ command that this church should be called the “House of Prayer”. We intentionally cover our pastor, our church, every ministry & leader, and our administrative office in prayer. We are intentional about getting back to Eden when God had free-range to walk in his Holy place and the people eagerly responded to his presence. With a two-fold purpose of establishing a prayer-culture and standing as the frontline “defense-team” for Mt. Zion church we are committed to doing it God’s way, one step at a time. We commit to not doing church but becoming the church so that we can “WIN”.  Prayer is no longer optional for the believer it is their lifeline.